Between the Street and the Window, consists of layers of stacked glass confiscated from discarded window panes of area homes undergoing rehabilitation. The panes, cut to mimic the dimensions of individual hardwood floor boards are configured into the dimensions of my current residence’s living room. The footprint of domestic space, furniture and personally belongings, are taken into account in the formation of the installation with these areas creating negative space in the layout of the piece. Measuring 12’x10’x2” site determines the success of this installation. Occupying a space that is in close proximity to a window is a necessity to activate the piece while installation on a hardwood floor to act as a referent is preferable. I view this project as site responsive rather than site specific. The space in which it is installed determines the outcome. Factors such as the amount and kind of light, available area, and even the color of the walls and floors contribute to its final presentation, manifesting itself differently each time that it is installed.